Lessons provided for all levels on-line or in person

You can learn or improve your international or quebecois French (oral & written) depending on your needs.

Martine Thomas teaches mostly (for all levels) one-to-one lessons. You can also choose on-line lessons.

Since Martine speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently, she is able to provide clear explanations to her students in these languages.

Each  2hr or 1½ h lesson includes a free 30 minutes of  reviews of your texts  on Microsoft Office Word (before the lesson).

A job-related French learning:

With Martine you will  make fast progress in French and will develop faster in your professional field

You can learn or improve your international or quebecois French (oral & written) depending on your needs. Martine Thomas will prepare you for a job interview, edit a cover letter or job application letter,  or practice for a job that requires you to communicate in a correct or excellent French, depending on  the context.

Dr Mah, an emergency department hospital manager in Montreal (with 12 years of experience as a Doctor in a Montreal Hospital) who took French lessons with her  for 15 months) explains:
“Martine Thomas has an incredible passion and talent for language and teaching. She is always looking for new, innovative ways to teach and is constantly refining her technique. As I am in charge of an Emergency Department of an hospital in Montreal, where being clear and concise is essential, Martine has helped me to communicate more efficiently with patients, doctors and employees, as well as civil servants from the Health department of Quebec. She has been very flexible and responsive to my learning needs. With Martine, it is truly “le francais à votre rythme.” (French to your own pace)”. 

As Amelia, a civil engineer from Germany with a low-intermediate level, who studied with Martine for 2 years, explains: “Due to Martine’ tuition and her competence to concentrate on my individual weak points I was able to improve my French faster than I expected and now, as a result, I can communicate very well in French at work & in my social life. Also, her appropriate material she selected (& created) for me and the preparation with exercises under testing conditions set the base for a successful participation of the TEFaQ exam (level B2) in 2011.

 Caroline, a family physician from Ontario  after receiving Martine services for 35 hours :passed the OQLF exam, improved her pronunciation, fluidity and grammar skills in French, was able to apply for a job in French and  communicate very well with her francophone patients  and colleagues and got a full time job as a family physician in Montreal.

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Professional French exam preparation:

Martine Thomas is very dedicated to  meet the learning needs of her students with a focus on the successful completion of their exam.

She can help you pass a a QQLF exam (oral and written expression  parts), University entrance exam as the MEM,  a Secondary 5 examen d’écriture du MELS” or a French as a secondlanguage exam such as the TEFAQ, CEFRANC, TEF, DALF, DELF, TFI or theTCF: “tests de français international”.

During the examination preparation lessons she focuses on how to answer in a correct French the specific questions of each part of the exam: she adapts her training material to her students level of French.

In June 2015
Joseph, an engineer from Egypt with an intermediate level in French,  wrote:
L’aide de Martine est inestimable. Grâce à ses efforts, j’ai progressé rapidement en français. Elle m’a donné des cours en français adaptés à mes besoins et à mes horaires, ce qui en tant qu’ingénieur était essentiel. Elle m’a fourni les outils et la confiance dont j’avais besoin pour passer l’examen. Merci Martine.”

Caroline, a family physician from Ontario with an intermediate level who took 35 hours lessons with  Martine in  2013 , explains “I passed the writing part of the OQLF exam in August after preparing very hard with Martine. Then,  she helped me to improve my pronunciation and my grammar  which were deficient and built up my confidence through mock interviews. Martine was able to help me with all of the medical terminology. As a result, I was successful in passing the oral part of the exam in September  and I have been able to communicate very well with my francophone patients and colleagues in French.  In addition, after  she edited a job application letter in French for a  full time job as a family physician,  I got this  position  I have been holding for the last 6 months. Merci Martine!  I recommend her very highly.” 


Martine Thomas teaches mostly (for all levels) one-to-one lessons. She can accommodate a 2 or 3 person group and even match two or three of her students to meet their needs. You can also choose on-line lessons.

Since Martine speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently, she is able to provide clear explanations to her students in these languages.

One-to-one lessons


As Diane, from Alberta, an  English Teacher at Concordia University explains:”Studying with Martine Thomas has been very beneficial for improving my comprehension and expression of both oral and written French. My need for French is mostly social, but studying French also moves me toward my longer career goals. Besides accommodating my shifting learning needs, Martine has been flexible with accommodating my schedule, as I often have to travel for research trips and academic conferences. Initially, I studied one-on-one with Martine, focusing on conversational necessities such as ordering food and drinks, and talking about my research projects. I also watched a French movie each week and wrote a short text about each film; we would discuss and correct these texts by email (using Microsoft Word), and continue to work on them during our lessons.
Later, to prepare for a one-month French immersion program in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, I practiced common short questions and answers that were very useful preparation for the group activities that were integral to the immersion program.
As a result, I quickly felt comfortable in the immersion environment, and I was able to advance my French communication skills beyond my expectations. “

Small group lessons:

As Diane continues her testimonial: “Since my return to Montreal, Martine has suggested that I work in a group to increase my motivation when it was lagging. She paired me with another student to create a small group class that is focused on oral communication.  We use a variety of online and written texts. Together we work hard, but we have fun and improve each week .”

On-line lessons

  • A combination of Skype and Microsoft Word  for the OQLF exam preparation

Ihab Antably,  a civil engineer working in Chibougamo for the Northen plan, with an intermediate level in French, who took 8 hours lessons with Martine  in June 2013 , explains: “After preparing with Martine via Skype & using Microsoft Word for 2 weeks, I passed the writing component of the OQLF exam, while I had got 50% previously. Merci Martine. Highly recommended.

Benjamin, a neurologist born in Montreal, with a beginner-intermediate level in French, who took 3 hrs lessons per week with Martine via Skype for 3 months and passed the OQLF exam in October 2013 on the first try, with 80% for the oral part & 82% for the writing part, wrote: ” Martine Thomas is an excellent French teacher! Her lessons were interesting and fun, and she gave me a better understanding of the language, which allowed me to improve quickly. She was flexible in arranging meetings over Skype.  She was happy to correct written texts between the lessons. Overall, it was a great experience.”