privateOne-to-one tailored  French lessons in Montreal, Quebec

Le français à son rythme is a small French language school in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal, established by Martine Thomas in 2003. There, for the last 13 years, she has given tailored private lessons (and sometimes lessons for groups of 2-3 students) in a friendly environment.

Whatever you need to achieve, Martine Thomas will focus on what is essential for you to reach your goal. With Martine, you will improve your capacity to communicate in French at work, prepare for job that requires you to communicate in French or be more fluent in everyday situations.

Martine Thomas can even help you to pass a QQLF exam (oral and written), a University entrance exam, – such as the TFI or the francophone University  Faculties of medecine interviews (mem) – or a French as a second or foreign language exam such as the TEFaQ, CEFRANC, TFI, DALF, DELF or the TCF: “test de français international” level A2.

Since 2006, more than 360  of her students have  passed one of these exams or received their CSQ: a 97% success rate


Martine Thomas has tutored a lot of professionalsseveral doctors, medical specialists, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists,  occupational therapists, psychologists, engineers, computer engineers and accountants as well as a few scientists, architects, yoga, fitness and Pilates instructors, social workers, nutritionists, university & college teachers, law graduate students, law secretary school students and graduate management students.
She also tutored numerous Concordia and McGill University (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) students.

She has helped these professionals and students to communicate with their colleagues & clients (or patients) at work, find a job in their profession or prepare for oral presentations and written reports.